Interesting Nonexistent Las Vegas Casinos

Through the history of Las Vegas there has always been dramatic events, incredible light and sound shows, interesting casino and resorts throughout the entire city which has attracted billions of people to the area since the early 1930s. But if you want to learn small little details about locations throughout America, here is your opportunity to hear a number of the Las Vegas casinos which were initially planned, but for some reason or another the plans to build them were left. This is a close up look at a number of of the more interesting plans for deserted hotels and casinos:

The Titanic Resort and Casino

Originally, there was a resort and casino that was planned for Las Vegas that was to be named the Titanic following the sinking ship in 1912.Sadly, the plans with this hotel did not even begin construction before the idea for it was left.{ But, the entire hotel was going to maintain the shape of the Titanic and there would have even been a big iceberg in the foot of the hotel that will have placed the casino along with a couple of other shops.

The World Trade Center Resort

The thought for this particular casino resources kind of a resort began its foundation back in 1997, however, the plans were left read this casino article when the gambling and casino permit was turned down. The explanation for the turning down of the application: two of the folks involved closely with the start and building of the resort were condemned felons. Naturally, Las Vegas did not want its reputation to be ruined by this nonetheless seemingly-innocent hotel, therefore it decided to bar the permit. Maybe more intriguing, however, is the truth that the original founder for the World Trade Center Hotel committed suicide shortly after his plans fell through.

Countryland USA Resort and Casino

The Countryland USA Resort was originally meant to be a country music style resort that would be great for those which didn't need to hear other sorts of music. Las Vegas does not have the pleasure of hosting this casino, though, as the plans were left before they are able to get underway.

Addams Family Resort

This was just a notion hotel in the first phases of its life, but the primary purpose of it was to possess a family hotel for those visiting the Las Vegas Strip. It might have already been a popular notions if strategies hadn't fallen through, however.

There are plenty of other thoughts for hotels and resorts which were also left by the different founders for the thoughts. A number of the plans for hotels and resorts merely seem to have been dropped in midair, whereas others truly had legitimate reason casino webpage link to not start construction. Several of the ideas for all these Las Vegas resorts were really fascinating thoughts, but it appears as though patrons will need to do without for now!