What’s Pontoon?

The odds are, you know the best way to play the game and don't even understand it. Do you understand the best way to play Blackjack? If so, you'll pick up Pontoon in seconds, because they are pretty much the same there. There are several small differences.

Obviously, the real object would be to win against the dealer-even if this means standing on a lower hand like 13.

The game is played with two decks of cards and the ones two decks are re-shuffled after every hand. Now, be cautious here. A casino can do whatever they need generally, in order that they may reshuffle after every two hands or something distinct.

All players as well as the dealer receive two initial cards. With each hand, you should determine if you want to choose another card or stand in what you've. Since I am assuming you've some Blackjack knowledge, I am not planning to go into complex details with these moves. I'll try this in another post.

In case your cards equal 22 or more, you lose. After all the players have played, the dealer takes their turn.

Here is a enormous kicker in this game; the dealer wins all pushes (ties). This is a good reason for the house to possess dealers stand on 17. The dealer also wins if she or he has five or more cards that total under 21.

The card values will be the same as Blackjack. A 7 of clubs is worth 7 points. An Ace may be used as 1 or 11. Face cards are worth ten.

Here's another intriguing-and profitable-difference. When your first two cards equal 21, it is called a "Pontoon" and not a "Blackjack." That's a good raise in your pay.

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And just when you thought that was as great as it gets, here's another big payout difference. If you win by having five or fewer cards that total 21 or less, you get paid 2-1 at the same time. So, there's two ways to score a 2-1 payment in Pontoon.